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Memorial for Thomas Kelly

Thomas Kelly was the founder and artistic director of the Thistle Dew Dessert Theatre, home of Imprinity Theatre Company. Tom passed away on February 3, 2018.


A memorial for Tom will be held at the Thistle Dew on Saturday, March 10 at 2:00 p.m. You are welcome to come and share your favorite stories about Tom, or simply share the company of those who knew him.


Since 1995, Tom and the Thistle Dew presented a wide variety of stage plays, with dessert served at intermission. In addition to hosting Imprinity's productions, Tom also produced KTDT Digital Radio, KWOS Digital Radio for Kids, and the Thistle Dew Playwright's Workshop. He wrote and co-wrote several original plays, including EARNEST & GERTRUDE, THE BUTTERFLY WITHIN, EXTREME UNCTION, and the "Charlie and Jay" series of children's plays.


Without Tom's support, Imprinity Theatre Company would not exist today.

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