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OTHELLO Now Playing Through 12/2

Eight actors play over 20 roles in William Shakespeare's classic tragedy of love, lies, and jealousy.


Othello, a foreign-born general in the Venitian army, marries the daughter of an influential senator. Iago, an officer under Othello's command, manipulates everyone around him in an attempt to sabotage Othello's marriage to Desdemona. As Iago fabricates evidence that Desdemona is having an affair with Othello's new hand-picked lieutenant, will the Moor of Venice believe Iago's lies, or discover the truth before he makes a fatal mistake?


Imprinity Theatre Company's production of OTHELLO features the following actors:


  • Wesley Bradshaw (Roderigo, Gentleman, Officer)
  • Robyn Colburn (Emilia, Senator, Gentleman, Officer)
  • Ed Gyles Jr. (Iago)
  • Justin Kortuem (Cassio, Messenger)
  • Kory Kyker (Lodovico, Duke of Venice, Gentleman, Herald)
  • Nathan Marlow (Othello)
  • Shana McCarl (Desdemona, Bianca, Officer)
  • Laure Olson (Brabantio, Montano, Gratiano, Clown)


OTHELLO runs Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays (except Thanksgiving) through December 2. For more information, please visit our Tickets page.

Imprinity Theatre Company would like to thank Terry Taylor of The Shakespeare Society of America for providing costume pieces for our production of OTHELLO.


The SSA's mission is to provide public benefit programs which inspire eduction and personal development through the works of William Shakespeare relating to history, culture, literature, theatre and art in America.

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